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Enlighten-World Foundation Specialty for Job Seeker

We truly believe that it is important to attract, recruit and retain the very best candidate in our organization who will work diligently to create massive differently to enlighten the future leaders. 

For the job seeker, Enlighten-World Foundation provides a long a term career for sustainable future growth than just a normal job. Enlighten-World Foundation is an employee friendly unique working place where you will be able to work independently and get the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and abilities to enlighten the future leaders and be part of a bright, energetic and winning team who are committed to ensure the development of individual and community of Bangladesh.


Awesome place to work

We have established a Unique Place to work and create positive impact for the people. Those who are working with us said that this organization is awesome place to work with.

Opportunity for Career Growth

We do not provide job but career. We care who work with us and provide ample opportunities for career growth and professional development.

Be part of Impactful Organization

By working with us you will get the opportunity to become a part of highly impactful large organization.

Inspiring Co-Colleagues

Our organization is full of highly inspiring and talented people. You will find inspiring co-colleagues who will guide and help you to move forward in your professional career.

Flexible Working Hours

We strongly believe giving freedom to our colleagues to bring the ultimate result. We provide flexibility to work and bring success for the organization.

Work with High Caliber People

Joining our organization will give you an opportunity to meet and work with the high caliber people who are contribution for social changes.

True Sense of Purpose

If you really looking forward to see the result and see the true sense of purpose while working, Enlighten-World Foundation will be the best place to work for creating and seeing your contribution.

Learning & Education Opportunity

We ensure continuous learning and education opportunities for our employees for sustainable and continuous professional growth.

Subsidize Lunch and Snacks

Enjoy Subsidize delicious meals prepared by our trusted vendors for lunch and snacks.

Fun at Work Place

To create a group cohesion & safe environment for learning to occur, we ensure diversity & fun at our workplace.

Awards & Recognition

We believe equal opportunities and appreciate who work hard for the organization. If you really work hard, you will be rewarded for your outstanding contribution.

Expected Qualities from the Prospective Candidate?

Motivation & courage to work for Society

We are looking for the candidate who is highly motivated and passionate to bring the smile of underprivileged community peoples through dedicating his time and energy. He/ She should have the courage to sacrifice valuable things to help other to grow.

Social and community awareness

We are seeking the candidate who has feeling for bringing the positive changes in the society and work together for the community development addressing all the social issues.


We are eagerly waiting to welcome to the candidate who can show the empathy to our clients and beneficiaries in their difficult times/to improve their conditions. Our prospective candidate should be able to show empathy and appreciate to our clients and beneficiaries without getting lost in the difficult times.

Self-Care Skills

Our prospective candidate should be able to handle the situation of burnout, compassion fatigue, stress while dealing with the social and community problem. Our candidate should be able to have the mental strength to go home and take care of yourself.


Our prospective candidate should be honest and professional to deal all the functions timely and effectively taking the personal leadership.

Are You Ready To Join Our Team?

We’re always eager to connect with those who share interest to bring social changes and have a sustainable future career.