Organization Philanthropy


  • To run ICT, enable human capital development programs
  • To run social awareness-based learning programs
  • To mobilize the local expertise like educationalists, technical and local stakeholders for community and institutional capacity building through volunteerism
  • To create strong bondage among the teachers, students and parents and local stakeholders for inclusive and all-round development
  • To develop ICT based good citizen for establishing digital Bangladesh
  • To address the Bangladesh commitment of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030
  • To ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.
  • To develop quality human resources for graduating Bangladesh Upper Middle-Income Country (UMIC) and High-Income Country (HIC)


Capacity building and empowering educational institution through ICT and social awareness-based learning programs in underprivileged community to develop individual and social equity.

Core value


Enlighten-World Foundation Corporate Philosophy.

We believe that today’s world sustainable economic development is guaranteed and powered by information and communication technology.  Side by side, practices of common values and beliefs in pluralism society makes nation enlighten and ensure sustainable development for all.

We observed that today’s most economic developed countries integrated ICT and technology-based education and practice of common social values and believes in their mainstream education system. In Bangladesh context, we have achieved tremendously regarding MDG, SDG and human development index. In line with the agenda of digitalization for sustainable development, we underscore strengthening our educational institutions powered by ICT and social awareness-based learning and practices. However, still there is a huge room to work ICT and social awareness sectors specially in remote underprivileged community.

At the Enlighten-World Foundation, we believe that the partnership of rural Bangladesh with corporates, educational institution, young urban Bangladesh, the Government and other foundations is the key to create a permanent and irreversible change for good of youth and community of Bangladesh.


Our strategy is to engage, empower for sustainable individual and community development:
To engage rural communities with corporates, young urban Bangladesh, not-for-profit organizations and government to empower our communities to execute programs that transform their own lives through promoting ICT based training and improving the quality education.

Our Principles