Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the purpose of establishing Enlighten-World Foundation?

Enlighten is an English word.  Literally it means “Shed light” or in Bengali আলোকিত করা. We want to inspire the future leaders so that they can take the lead to change the community towards sustainable development.

Who is the founder of Enlighten World Foundation?

Mr. Mohammad Sozon is the Founder of Enlighten-World Foundation.  

Which year Enlighten World Founded?

Enlighten-World Foundation has been established in 16 December 2018.

What is the plan for increasing the outreach of Enlighten world?

Enlighten-world is planning to increase the outreach through making nationwide partnership with the educational institutions of Bangladesh.

What are the main objective/ goal/vision of Enlighten World?

To become a trusted and premier organization for its diversity and excellency in promoting quality education around the world.

What is the Vision of Enlighten-World Foundation?

Capacity building and empowering educational institution through ICT and social awareness-based learning programs in underprivileged community to develop individual and social equity.

How to become a member of Enlighten-world Foundation?

You can easily become our member (free) filling up the registration form.

What are the mission of Enlighten-World Foundation?

  • To run ICT, enable human capital development programs
  • To run social awareness-based learning programs
  • To mobilize the local expertise like educationalists, technical and local stakeholders for community and institutional capacity building through volunteerism
  • To create strong bondage among the teachers, students and parents and local stakeholders for inclusive and all-round development
  • To develop ICT based good citizen for establishing digital Bangladesh
  • To address the Bangladesh commitment of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030
  • To ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.
  • To develop quality human resources for graduating Bangladesh Upper Middle-Income Country (UMIC) and High-Income Country (HIC)
  • Does Enlighten World generate any profit/ income?

What type of organization is this?

Enlighten-World Foundation is a youth-led non-profit organization operating its function with a view to modelling society for inclusive community development through digital platform along with social awareness-based programs.

How does this organization run programs?

Enlighten-World Foundation runs programs through capacity building and empowering educational institutions by means of information & communication technology (ICT) and social awareness-based learning. It also mobilizes local expertise through volunteerism to develop individual and social equity in underprivileged community

What is key objectives of Enlighten world?

Enlighten-World Foundation is a non-profitable organization that supports different educational institutions to develop their academic activities through digital multimedia, improving English proficiency and better communication skills.

Does Enlighten-World Foundation collect sponsor?

Yes, we collect sponsor. You may contact with us.

How can my organization become a partner of Enlighten-World Foundation?

You can easily become our partner by singing the partnership agreement

What are the benefits of membership with Enlighten-World Foundation?

You will be part of the process of changing the society. We will recognise your contribution in our website and social media site.