About US

Enlighten-World Foundation works in educational segment to facilitate ICT and social awareness-based programs in educational institutions to ensure induvial capacity and human resource development. 

Our core attention is to bring up the backdrop institution and community in mainstream economy by rendering ICT and social awareness-based learning and programs. In line with global development context, ICT based knowledge and social awareness is the pre-requisite for sustainable development of a country.

Realizing the gravity of the situation in our educational institutions, I found these two components will impact hugely on quality education and social economic lift up for individual and community.





Mr. Mohammad Sozon is the Founder and CEO of Enlighten world Foundation. 

I had the opportunity to join in the 4th Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Program organized by UNDP.  held in July 08-20, 2018 at Bangkok, Thailand.  This session prioritizes of actively engaging youth in localized SDG initiatives. 150 participants from 22 countries from the Asia-pacific region participated in the program.

I along with my team worked on several social and global issues and won the 1st prize from the then Mr. Ml. Panadda Ditsakul, Deputy Minister – Ministry of Education, Thailand & Dr. Haninam kim, Founder of Urban Youth Academy for designing the Innovative Project called Trash4cash for social and community development.

I also joined 7th Asian Youth Forum (AYF7) patronized by Asian Development Bank (ADB) held in ADB headquarters, Manila, Philippines in August 12-20 that brough together 300 youth from civil society organizations, educational institutions, and representatives from government institutions and regional bodies in Asia and the Pacific. Here, I also participated on how to play role of youth leadership in community development in line with UN Charter and SGD goals.

I enriched myself with sustainable community development concept from global exposure with lot of international development experts and channel partners.

I profoundly influenced and motivated to do something for my nation and subsequently I realized Youth Empowerment through ICT based learning and social awareness-based programs are the key factors for sustainable development.