Core Values

Beliefs that inspire and drive us to work in this segment.  Followings are our core values:

  • Positive attitude and Confidence: We would like to impart ICT and social awareness-based learning and programs for students to have confidence and positive attitude towards community.
  • Participatory responsibility: We would like to exploit local stakeholders and expertise to uplift backdrop community and institutions.
  • Transparency and accountability: We believe in quantitate and qualitative change in society only be ensured by transparency and accountability.
  • Performance and teamwork: Teamwork ensure acceptance and unity that leads towards success
  • Integrity and dedication: Integrity and dedication guide a person to reach the desired objectives.
  • Peace and pluralism: We believe in peach and pluralism in society ensured sustainable community development.
  • Mutual respect and partnership: Mutual trust and respect is the pre-requite to hold social harmony for community development.


Enlighten-World Foundation Corporate Philosophy.

We believe that today’s world sustainable economic development is guaranteed and powered by information and communication technology.  Side by side, practices of common values and beliefs in pluralism society makes nation enlighten and ensure sustainable development for all.

We observed that today’s most economic developed countries integrated ICT and technology-based education and practice of common social values and believes in their mainstream education system. In Bangladesh context, we have achieved tremendously regarding MDG, SDG and human development index. In line with the agenda of digitalization for sustainable development, we underscore strengthening our educational institutions powered by ICT and social awareness-based learning and practices. However, still there is a huge room to work ICT and social awareness sectors specially in remote underprivileged community.

Our philosophy is based on a simple set of principles:

  • Learning and Development
  • Quality Education
  • Social and Individual Equity
  • Self-Reliant
  • Societal Commitment & Responsibility
  • Participatory Team Inclusive Community Development
  • Mobilization of Local Expertise for Equitable Community Development

Organizational Information

  • Non-governmental
  • Non partisan
  • Non-religious
  • Non-racial
  • Non-profit making
  • Non-political
  • Social and civil society organization


Organizational Information


Website                                               :

Phone                                                  : +8801937141361

E-mail:                                                 :                                                                 

Industry                                              : Education Consultancy

Company Size                                      : 10-20 Employees

Type                                                    : Non-Profit Organization

Founder                                               : Mohammad Sozon

Founded                                              : 16 December 2018

Specificity                                            : Education, Skills Enhancement, Community Development

Location                                               : Dhaka, Bangladesh

Primary                                         : (House # 30, Road # 09, Block # D (Vatulia) P.O:    Nishatnagar 1711, P.S: Turag, Dhaka, Bangladesh